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Kittredge Konnection – September 21, 2021



Votes are In

Congratulations to the Fall 2021 Kittredge School Student Council. Our new officers are:

School President: Luke Vilhauer

School Secretary: Abby Gorin

Seventh Grade Rep: Cara Barakat

Sixth Grade Rep: George Bessolo

4th/5th Grade Rep: Torben Vilhauer

We are proud of all the students who ran for office this semester… they are all winners.


Habits Of Mind: Applying Past Knowledge

Last week, our school assembly introduced the habit, Applying Past Knowledge. Students were able to apply their past knowledge of the song and movements of “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” to new situations. Students were able to modify when the song changed to nose, tree pose, skip, or plank. While students weren’t given instructions on how to play, they were able to apply their past knowledge to see how to modify the movements for the new lyrics of the song. Well done Kittredge! Thanks to Ms. Gules for leading us in this fun Habits of Mind activity.



Families are Interviewing for Next Year

Beginning today, Ms. Pon-Barry has (virtual) meetings scheduled with parents who are interested in learning about Kittredge for their child for next year. These appointments are being scheduled online through our website and will continue through the admissions season.

If you know of any family who would benefit from a Kittredge education, please encourage them to check us out and schedule an appointment.


Speaking of Next Year… Sibling Applications are Due November 18

If you would like to have a sibling be considered for our 2022 early decision, we will have our TADS on-line application available for you in October. Please return the parent and teacher forms by November 18. Early decisions will be sent December 15.



High School Admissions Representatives

Every year our 7th and 8th graders are fortunate to have the wonderful experience of meeting and listening to admissions representatives from many of the private high schools in the city. The representatives come to Kittredge and spend about an hour with our students explaining their school and answering questions. This is a very personal and special opportunity that our students receive as they are completing their high school admissions process. This year, some of them are still on Zoom, but many are returning in person and fully vaccinated.

So far our students have met with reps on Zoom from Lick Wilmerding and in person from International High School. Later this week reps from SF Girls and Saint Ignatius will be at Kittredge. Also scheduled to come are admissions reps from Convent and Stuart Hall, SF School of the Arts, Riordan High School, The Marin School, Jewish Community High School, Bay High School, and Urban High School. Marin Academy will join the classes on Zoom this year.


Thank You for Driving Safely

Though Lake Street is closed, there are still cars driving down our block. You are permitted to drive on the block to pick up or drop off your child. Please be mindful of cars and pedestrians alike, as you exit our loading zone.

If you arrive early, we appreciate you taking a lap around the block or even parking for a walking pickup. We try to keep our loading zone free for two cars at a time and move everyone in and out as efficiently as possible. If you are the parent of a middle school parent, you might make a plan to pick up your child at the corner of 24th and Lake. This allows you space, without double parking in the street. This can make it difficult for cars exiting the loading zone as well as pedestrians who should have the right of way with the street closed. Thank you for keeping our community safe and for modeling safe choices for our Kittredge kids.


You Look Great!

We’ve seen you showing off your fashion sense in your Kittredge gear.  Dress up with your friends on Fridays and show off your school style. 

Need to get your hands on some new Kittredge gear? 

Use  and be ready for future Friday Kittredge style.



Go Gags!

Congratulations to the Kittredge Running Gags cross country team for completing their first race of the season! Ishwar, Flynn, Leyla, Allie, Cara, Sam, Ari, Cerys and Luke all crossed the finish line. A special congratulations to Luke who won the race!! We are proud of all our runners and look forward to the  next race on October 8th. We loved seeing runners finish the race and cheer friends on through the home stretch. Kindness counts and that’s how Kittredge kids compete.  Way to go!


Bump, Set, SPIKE!

It is officially volleyball season! We have an awesome group of 7th/8th graders who have been practicing at PE and recess and are excited to play their first games next week. Keep your ears open for how the season is going for this great team!



Fall Holiday – October 11

As written in our calendar, there will be no classes on Monday, October 11. Celebrating the Fall Holiday will give everyone a well deserved break as well as some time to appreciate this wonderful season.


High School Visit Days for 8th Graders

October 13 and 21 are “no school” days for our 8th grade students. These days are designed to allow 8th graders to visit high schools and work on their application essays without missing class time.



High school visits, running practices and volleyball games… oh my!

Tomorrow, September 22: Running Gags Practice

Thursday, September 23: SF Girls admissions rep visits 8th graders

Friday, September 24: Saint Ignatius admissions rep visits 8th graders

Monday, September 27: Convent/Stuart Hall admissions rep visits 7th and 8th graders

Monday, September 27: Running Gags Practice

Monday, September 27: Volleyball vs. CDS @ Columbia B&G @4:00

Wednesday, September 29: SF School of the Arts admissions rep visits 7th and 8th graders

Wednesday, September 29: Running Gags Practice

Friday, October 1: Volleyball vs. SF Friends @ St. Agnes @ 4:00


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