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Character Counts

Kittredge cares about your child’s academic achievement, but we know that your child’s social and emotional growth is important too.  We are looking for kids who are up for an academic challenge, and we are also looking for good kids.

As a school, we study one of the Six Pillars of Character each trimester.  We present the pillar at an assembly, and after the initial introduction, students are cued to look for this pillar in their textbooks or to note when they see friends displaying citizenship, caring, or fairness.  Our goal is that our students are actively looking for others who are trustworthy, respectful or responsible.  In addition, we find that our students enjoy being recognized for these qualities.  Our intent is that Kittredge kids are not only being respectful and caring at school, but that these values become habits that show up on the playground, a birthday party, or soccer practice.  Kittredge is making our little corner of San Francisco better, one heart at a time. 

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