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Kittredge Konnection - September 19, 2023

This Week’s News

Habits of Mind

At last Wednesday’s assembly, Ms. Pon-Barry and Ms. Gules introduced this month’s Habit of Mind, Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations, with a game of trivia! Students broke out into groups and tried their hand at answering questions written by our teachers, using knowledge they already possessed to form their answers. See photo and videos of our assembly on instagram.

Student Council Elections

Congratulations to everyone who ran for Kittredge student council last week. Everyone who chose to put themselves out there is a winner, and we are proud of every one of them.

Our new officers are:

School President - George Bessolo

School Secretary - Brandan Bardhan

Seventh Grade Rep - Wynn Gebhart

Sixth Grade Rep - Hendrick McConnell

Fourth and Fifth Grade Rep - Mika Crawley

Go Kittredge!

Cross Country’s first meet is officially over. A big thank you to all of the parent volunteers who made it possible! The next meet will be next Wednesday, September 28. Races are at 4:30 and 5:00 pm.


Volleyball season has begun! The team’s first game is this Wednesday, September 20, at Burkes. Players should arrive at the gym by 5:20pm, and the game begins at 5:45pm.

Looking Ahead

Fall Holiday

It’s that time of year already! Fall Holiday is on Monday, October 9. School will be closed, and will resume on Tuesday, October 10.

KPA Korner

KPA Meeting

Join our first KPA meeting of the year this Thursday, Sept 21st at 6-7pm at Kittredge. This will be one of our only meetings that will be in person, with free childcare and pizza for the kids. Also, snacks and drinks for the adults! Zoom link sent day-of for those who cannot make-it in person. Now’s your chance to make a difference! The goal is to spread-out the volunteer jobs so that they are manageable for busy parents. If we all pitch-in a little, it builds a big community for our kids to enjoy and gives us ways to help our teachers to feel appreciated.

The KPA is looking for a Treasurer for next year. A special thank you goes out to Anna Malyala, (Ishwar's mom, 7th) and current KPA Treasurer, who has given many years so that the KPA funds would grow and be put to good use. This is the perfect year for her to help transition into a new volunteer (or two). Questions? Email Jessica May-Shah at

Fall Camping Trip Highlights

Thanks again to Leyla and Shane for organizing a fantastic camping weekend at the Russian River. Big shout outs to all the parents who organized food and activities, pitched in and made memories for some very happy kids! Missed out? Don't worry, you'll have another chance to join in the Spring.

Stay Up-to-Date

Never miss a beat! Be sure to add the Kittredge Google Calendar to your own. And while you’re at it, like us on Facebook!

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