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KITTREDGE KONNECTION – September 14, 2021

Election Day Edition — Don’t forget to vote!

Thank You For a Great Picnic

The Kittredge Picnic was fun in the sun! Thank you for bringing your positive energy to connect with other Kittredge families. It was fun to catch up and see so many smiling faces (even under your masks!). There is more fun to be had on the KPA camping trip this weekend. Thank you for being the wonderful Kittredge community that you are.



KPA Meeting Tonight at 6pm to 7pm

Our first KPA meeting will be held at school and on Zoom. Please look at the Konnection email for the link to join online. We hope to see lots of you this evening to hear and discuss plans for the new year.

There will be day care and a pizza snack available for Kittredge students while their parents attend the meeting.



Student Council Elections Tomorrow

Student council elections will be held tomorrow, September 15. Candidates for class representatives are giving speeches in their classrooms and candidates for president and secretary will address the whole school.

Anyone who is running to represent our school is already a winner! However, only the candidate with the most votes will become the representative for each office.

We congratulate all the students who are running this term.

The candidates are:

4/5th grades class rep: Sabina, Liza, Torben, and Ishwar

6th grade class rep: Jessica, and George

7th grade class rep: Cara, Lachlan, and Allie

Secretary: Cerys, Saphina, Abby, Alex, and Sterling

President: Ari, Pilar, and Luke


The Running Gags are Off and Running

Our cross country team, the Running Gags, has been practicing with their coaches Ms. Forrest and Ms. Katie for the last week. They have practiced running on pavements, dirt paths and sand in order to prepare.

The Gags have their first cross country race on Thursday at Hellman Hollow. The league does a full walk-through at 4:00pm and the race will promptly start at 4:30pm. Please have your child ready for the walk-through so they know exactly where they are running. Go Gags Go!


Daily Covid Screening on TeacherEase

Thank you again for your help each day! Morning drop-off is going much faster with more and more screenings completed early.

When filling out Teacherease Covid surveys each morning, please make sure to click “Save” and “Done.” If you complete the survey and see a green check, but don’t click “Done” the survey won’t make its way to us. Thank you for your persistence in completing the survey daily.


Covid Flow Chart

Curious to know what happens if Covid appears at school? Please see the Covid tab on our website to learn more.



Habit of Mind for September: Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations is an important habit and skill to acquire. Simply put, this habit reminds us to use what we already know to do something new. It is a common skill found in successful people. What a great habit to use on this election day!

Tomorrow at our assembly, students will learn about this month’s habit. You may want to ask your child, if they have used what they know to try something new.



School Hours

Classroom doors are open at 8:20 for all students. For those students in Extended Day, we open in the Primary classroom at 7:45. Thanks for your help with this.

Middle school classes begin promptly at 8:30am and Kindergarten to 5th grades begin at 8:40am.


Sibling Applications are Due November 18

If you would like to have a sibling be considered for our 2022 early decision, we will have our TADS on-line application available for you in October. Please return the parent and teacher forms by November 18. Early decisions will be sent December 15.



Violin Lessons At Kittredge

Come learn violin right here at the Kittredge School! Kittredge School alum Narain Darakananda is now offering after school violin lessons on Thursdays and Sundays. Children (and parents) of all ages and abilities are welcome. Students can expect weekly one-on-one sessions as well as performances throughout the year! The first lesson is completely free and a violin will be provided!

Worried about buying a violin? Fear not! You’ll have the option of buying, renting, or borrowing instruments based on your individual needs. Simply contact Narain and he will walk you through the process.

RATES Grades K-2: 30 minutes/week, $20 per session Grades 3-5: 45 minutes/week, $25 per session Grades 6-8: 60 minutes/week, $30 per session


  1. Contact me (Narain) at (415) 613-3935 OR

  2. Classes available Thursday @Kittredge: 3:30 PM – 7PM OR Sunday (location and time individually arranged)

Find out more about me here: Hear me play here!


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