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Kittredge Konnection – October 20, 2020



Thursday is 8th Grade High School Day

Please remember Thursday is the second and last scheduled High School Day, so there are no classes for 8th graders. These days are scheduled to support our students and their families while they are visiting high schools and working on their applications.


Saturday is Another Open House

Parents of prospective students will join on zoom to meet and hear about Kittredge School. We thank you all for helping support the school community during these unusual times.



Halloween at Kittredge

Please help your child to have a school-appropriate costume ready to share at an all-school assembly on Friday, October 30.

The exact time and zoom link will be sent next week.



Minimum Day on November 3… Please Make a Plan to Vote

Please note that November 3rd will be a minimum day for all classes. We hope that this extra time on election day will make it possible for anyone who plans to vote in person to go and do that early.

If you have already voted please use this extra time to check, and encourage, that other people you know have a plan and go out to vote.

Whether you’ve ever voted before, and no matter who you vote for, please make sure your voice is heard. Your children are counting on you!


2021-22 Applications are Now Available online – Sibling Apps are due November 22

If you would like to have a sibling be considered for our 2021 early decision, please complete our TADS on-line application and return the parent and teacher forms by November 22. Early decisions will be sent December 18.



High School Admissions Representatives Are Meeting our Students

The wonderful and talented Mr. Young (I’m a little biased) works very hard every year to have High School reps come to talk about their school and meet our students in person. Even over Zoom, admissions directors from most San Francisco private high schools have once again been impressed by the interest, poise and enthusiasm of our 7th and 8th graders.

So far students have met with admissions directors from: Bay School, University High, International High School, Lick Wilmerding High, Urban High School, SF Girls High School, Riordan High School, The Marin School, Sacred Heart, Jewish Community High School and Drew High. They still have visits from SF High School of the Arts, Convent and Stuart Hall as well as Midland School in Santa Barbara.



Name That Teacher!

Last Week – The Kittredge Teacher is: Ms. Rose; Sian; Ms. Perkins, or Ms. Gules?? Answer: Ms. Rose

This Week – The Kittredge Teacher is: Ms. Gules; Maestra Lourdes; Ms. Perkins; or Ms. Mara

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