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Kittredge Konnection – October 12, 2021


October’s Habit is: Creating, Imagining and Innovating

Creating brings new ideas, concepts or ways that could solve a problem. Imagining gives students the permission to form their own idea or picture of something within their thoughts. Innovating allows students to invent a tool, equipment or a method that can solve an existing situation or problem.

People who use this habit are known to: think about how something might be done differently from the “norm”; propose new ideas; strive for originality; and consider novel suggestions others might make. Our teachers will include activities this month to encourage students to think outside the box.



Thank you Cerys, Ari, and Riva!

We want to thank 8th graders Cerys, and Ari for for being impressively poised and focused during our first open house of the season. Thanks also to Kittredge parent Riva Gokhale, for being a terrific parent representative and to Jacob Bushler for showing us what life is like after Kittredge as a Kittredge graduate.

We will be holding two more Open Houses on October 23rd and November 3rd. As always, word of mouth is our best representation. If you know of a family that is looking for a good school, please have them visit our website to learn more. Thank you!


Tomorrow is 8th Grade High School Day

Please remember there will be no Kittredge classes for 8th graders tomorrow. This is the first High School Day scheduled to support our 8th graders and their families while they are visiting high schools and working on their applications.



Dress as a Teacher Day: Next Tuesday, October 19

This is our first spirit day of the school year. Students are encouraged to dress up as a teacher that they have at Kittredge or even as they would look if they were a teacher themselves. Be creative and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!


The KPA Social and Raffle: Next Thursday

Thursday, October 21, starting at 7:00, Chez Stephens is the place to be! You should have received an electronic invite. If you did not receive one, please contact the KPA via email. This is your chance to come and associate with some of San Francisco’s finest people. You won’t want to miss the live raffle drawing. We hope to see you there!



Halloween Celebration – October 29

The Kittredge Halloween celebration will be on October 29th this year at 2pm. Kids may come to school in costume and parents are invited to our 2pm parade.

Join us for a few songs and merriment at Rochambeau immediately following the parade. Please leave any weapons that are associated with a costume at home. Happy Halloween!



November 10 – NatureBridge Meeting for 7th and 8th Grade Parents and Students 7pm on Zoom

All 7th and 8th grade families are encouraged to attend this informational meeting. Come learn about a typical day at NatureBridge. You will get an overview of the week in Yosemite Park as well as a feel for what we expect of each student academically and socially.

This is the first time for both grades, so we encourage everyone to attend. Covid protocol will be discussed.


Applications are Available online – Sibling Apps are due November 18

If you would like to have a sibling be considered for our 2022 early decision, please complete our TADS on-line application and return the parent and teacher forms by November 18. Early decisions will be sent December 15.


Donut Hike – November 7

October Calendar

A lot is going on…

Oct. 13 No Classes for 8th grade-HS Visit Day

Oct 13 6th Grade walking field trip to Land’s End

Oct. 13 Volleyball vs. KIPP @4pm at St. Agnes

Oct. 13 Running practice

Oct. 14 1:45 Assembly, Caring + Creating, Imagining, Innovating

Oct. 15 University High School to 8th Grade

Oct. 18 Riordan to 8th Grade

Oct. 18 Cross Country at 4:30 at Crissy Field

Oct. 19 Spirit Day-Dress as a teacher

Oct. 20 Marin Academy to 7/8th via Zoom

Oct. 20 Volley Ball vs. Burkes @3:45 @ Burkes

Oct. 20 Running practice

Oct. 21 No Classes for the Grade-HS Visit Day

Oct. 21 KPA Social

Oct. 22 Bay to visit 8th Grade

Oct. 25 Running practice

Oct 26 Volleyball vs. CAIS @4pm @CAIS

Oct. 27 Urban to visit 8th Grade

Oct. 27 Running practice

Oct. 28 Cross Country @4:30 at Crissy Field (Kittredge Host)

Oct. 29 2pm Halloween Parade


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