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Kittredge Konnection – November 1, 2016

Fall Raffle Update

Heather Miller, Chair

Wow, Kittredge Community! You have made it rain for the raffle this year, and we can’t thank you enough. This is a record-breaking year already as I get through the last of the envelopes submitted. The final results and class winner will be announced in the Konnection next week. The raffle drawing is tomorrow afternoon and all prize winners will be notified by phone or email. More news to come, but in the meantime…a HUGE thank you again from the KPA!!


New Month – New Friday Lunch Orders

Please return the attached Hot Lunch form for any Friday lunches you want to order in November. Forms need to be turned in to the office by noon on Thursday so we can count your child’s order.

Print your lunch form here: november-hot-lunch


Please Return All UNICEF Boxes by Thursday

Thank you in advance for supporting this organization that helps children throughout the world. The student council will total all contributions and let us know how much Kittredge School is donating to UNICEF.


See’s Chocolate Fund Raiser… November 1 to November 22

A note from Emily Wells, Chair

This is our last fundraiser until the Spring Auction in May. Your children were given the order envelope today and the sale ends November 22.

Since all of the students will benefit from this fundraiser, we greatly appreciate everyone’s participation. The money raised goes toward new computers, field trips, extra supplies in the classroom and to help the teachers make education fun. You can help us reach our goal by taking orders from friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers. The more candy we sell the more of a discount See’s gives us for the KPA. Orders of $2000 or more receive an extra 5% profit.

Please hand in your completed form with a check made out to the Kittredge Parent Association by 11/22/2016. Candy will be available December 15, 2016.

Thank you for helping to make our fundraiser a BIG success!


National Geographic Bee

We would love Kittredge to have a team. All 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders are eligible to compete. The National Geographic Bee is an annual competition organized by the National Geographic Society, designed to inspire and reward students’ curiosity about the world. Each year, thousands of schools across the United States participate and compete for college scholarships and the glory of being the National Geographic Bee Champion.


Kittredge Parents Book Club –Thursday, November 10th

All parents are invited to join us for the Parent Book Club (PBC). We are reading and discussing the book “Summer and Bird” by Katherine Catmull.

Our wonderful, talented and insightful 7th and 8th grade literature teacher, Debra Dharmer is leading the discussion. This book is an imaginative story about two sisters’ quest to find their parents. It is a quick read with intriguing language and rich details. It takes you to another world where magic exists. This book is often an assigned 7th grade classroom literature book. Ms. Dharmer is looking forward to sharing the book with parents and further cultivating our special Kittredge community.

There’s still time to read it! Come join the discussion on November 10th from 6 to 7:30.

Light refreshments will be served.

Feel free to contact Ms. Dharmer with any questions at


November 16th is Look Alike Day

Our Student Council recently voted on two Spirit Days for this term: Look Alike Day (November 16th) and Pajama Day (January 18th).

Spirit Days are a chance for Kittredge students and teachers to have some fun and show some school spirit. To celebrate Look Alike Day, students are encouraged to plan similar clothes, hair and even accessories with each other.


Our First Trimester Ends November 22

Please remember that the first trimester will end in 3 weeks. Parents should check their child’s grades and assignments on TeacherEase. If you need another “invitation” with log-in information, please ask Trudy.


November Calendar

A lot is going on in the next 2 weeks…

Wednesday, November 2: Science Club 3:15 to 4:30

Wednesday, November 2: Wonderment and Awe assembly for Habits of Mind

Thursday, November 3: SSAT Prep Class English; 3:15 to 4:15

Friday, November 4: Bagel lunch (November Lunch Form will come next week)

Monday, November 7: Cross Country Finals Race @ Hellman Hollow @ 3:30

Tuesday, November 8: Don’t forget to Vote!

Tuesday, November 8: Science Club 3:15 to 4:30

Tuesday, November 8: SSAT Prep Class 3:15 to 4:15

Wednesday, November 9: Science Club 3:15 to 4:30

Thursday, November 10: SSAT Prep Class English; 3:15 to 4:15

Thursday, November 10: Parent Book Club

Friday, November 11: Pizza Lunch (if ordered)


Habit of Mind for November and December:

Responding with Wonderment and Awe

“The most beautiful experience in the world is the experience of the mysterious.”– Albert Einstein.

What is wonderment and awe? Do you ever have ‘wow‘ moments about what you are learning at school? Do you ever have feelings of ‘wonderment‘ and ‘awe‘ about the world around you?

In our very busy lives we often don’t take time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ (as the saying goes). We rush around and we miss great opportunities to appreciate how amazing the world around us is and we don’t see the ‘awesomeness’ of the things we take for granted.

Responding with wonderment and awe‘ is the Habit of Mind that encourages us to try and see the magic in everyday things and to approach learning in a more dynamic, exciting way.


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