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Kittredge Konnection – May 18, 2021


Field/Spirit Day – Friday, June 4 – Save the Date!

We are planning an outdoor day of activities to celebrate the end of the year. Grades that are usually remote on Fridays, will instead meet outside on that day. We hope you can help your child join us.

We will have exact times and places soon, but please save the date of Friday, June 4.



Thank You Catherine Kelley and our Talented Kittredge Students

Our Talent Show Watch Party is almost ready for its premier showing next week. Once again the variety of hidden, and not-so-hidden, talent within our community is amazing!

Thank you parents, for the time you spent helping your child practice and recording their talent, and thank you Catherine, for all the time you spent editing and creating this wonderful show.



Our Zoom Talent Show is May 27 at 6pm

We are planning a “Zoom watch party” for our Talent Show this year. We hope that lots of students, parents and teachers will be available to tune in as a community and be entertained together online rather than in person this year. We will be sending out the link as we get closer.


Staff Development Day is May 28; No School

Please note that we have a teacher development day scheduled at the end of this month. This will be a workday for teachers but there will be no classes.


Memorial Day, May 31 – No School

There will be no classes on Monday, May 31 as we celebrate the Memorial Day holiday.



More Things Continue to be Available to Vaccinated People

As California revises its health practices and protocols regarding Covid-19, there are more and more activities being safely available to those who are vaccinated. For example, next year it is thought that parents who are vaccinated will be able to volunteer in their child’s cohort at school for both inside and outside activities. 

Vaccines are now readily available for anyone 12 years and older, and it is likely to be offered to younger children soon. We highly recommend this for everyone who qualifies in our community. As more students are able to get vaccinated, the chance of contracting or passing Covid goes down and our community stays healthier.


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