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Kittredge Konnection – March 22, 2022


Want to see what our students are up to?  

For pictures and video of last week’s assembly, or yesterday’s 6th grade bridge breaking please follow our instagram page.  Spoiler alert: Students learned to sort themselves into color groups without speaking. They helped others find their teams and relied on others to help find their own teams. They worked as an interdependent group and found that we needed cooperation from all to be successful. Our 6th grade tested the strength of the bridges they designed and created.  Wait till you see the suspense!



Thank You for Your Support

A note from Anna Gryn mother of 6th grader Yeva Ivanova

I wanted to thank you and all people who keep on providing support to Ukraine. We are so deeply touched; our friend in Ukraine who received part of the donations is doing a fantastic job. With our support she was able to secure 3 locations providing safe accommodations for families that were affected by war – about 22 spots are available and hopefully more are coming.

I just wanted to give some follow-up information for our kind parents, staff and friends. (I received almost $12,000.00 that I donated to provide help.)

Thank you!  You are all amazing. Stand with Ukraine. Sincerely, Anna


Mask Guidance Change

Face coverings are strongly recommended to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Face coverings will be optional indoors and out beginning tomorrow, March 23, 2022. We ask that everyone in our community be respectful of others’ masking choices.




Kittredge student council will host a lemonade stand next Wednesday, March 30 at lunch recess.  No purchase is necessary, cash donations are suggested. 

Proceeds will go to families affected by war in Ukraine.  Thank you for your support.


March 31 and April 1 Parent Conferences

Please plan for a minimum day of classes on March 31 and April 1.  Extended Day will be available. A dismissal form will be sent home later this week. 



MugsyClicks Photographs are Ready to See

We have received a post card from MugsyClicks with sign-in and password information for each child. Teachers will distribute this today or tomorrow, so please check backpacks if you haven’t seen it yet. 

Please log in this week in case you want to schedule re-takes. It must be confirmed by the end of the week to have your retake scheduled for April 8th, our Class Photo Day.

Here’re the steps to view and order your child’s pictures without that postcard:



Summer At Kittredge

Your child is invited to join our 5-week summer program which is open to all students entering first through eighth grades. Mornings are designed to keep students active and their grade level skills strong. The afternoons offer a variety of free play and structured activities. This program begins June 20 and runs through July 22. The academic day runs 9am-noon. Before and after school care is available. Please see more information and the link to sign up on our website.


Dates to Remember

  1. March 30: Lemonade fundraiser for Ukraine

  2. Thursday March 31: Mini Day, noon dismissal, conferences

  3. Friday April 1: Mini Day, noon dismissal, conferences




Saturday, April 2, 2022

Time: 6-8pm

Location: Kittredge School Courtyard

Dear Fellow Kittredge Families & Friends,

I hope to see everyone at the Spring Social event on April 2nd @ 6pm at Kittredge School Courtyard (we’ll be using the indoors – ground floor – as well). If you haven’t already RSVP’d, please do so now:

There will be delicious food, tasty drinks, lovely face-to-face conversation, but that is not all! There will be a raffle drawing at the party!

Announcing the Kittredge Spring Raffle!

Feeling Déjà vu? Well, maybe because our last social/fundraising event in the Fall also included a raffle, organized by our lovely parent volunteer, Tom Vilhauer. The KPA raises money every year to fund student activities at Kittredge including our students in-school computers, school supplies, spring talent show, sports teams, field trips, graduation and even more! Additionally all KPA social events are wholly funded thru donations. Typically the major fundraising event of the year is our auction which happens in the spring and aims to raise $35,000. As you can imagine, the pandemic has made the long-term planning required for an Auction quite impossible this year. Without further ado, let’s welcome in The Spring Raffle!

The Spring Raffle goal is to raise $5,000 in ticket sales that goes directly to the KPA. There are approximately 70 families with students at Kittredge.

If you have extended family or friends who would love to support our school, please pass this notice on to them (many grandparents love our school raffles!

How do I purchase tickets?

Step 1: Decide how many tickets you wish to purchase and complete this google form:

Step 2: Pay your ticket total by making a payment @ You may also leave a check payable to “KPA” with Trudy.

How much do tickets cost?

You can purchase up to four tickets for $5 each or five or more tickets for $4 each. We would love to see the entire school community participate.

What can I win?

GRAND PRIZE: Family Photo Session & Museum-Quality Print

SF’s Schumacher Photography is lending their support to our fundraiser this year, with an eye-catching, heart-melting donation which consists of a weekday photography session (usually at the family’s home or meaningful location) and a museum quality, black & white photograph, signed and matted to 16×20 inches or a $500 print credit. This is valued at $1,645.00. (That’s a lot of $5 tickets, folks!!!).

Voted BEST PHOTOGRAPHER by SF Weekly’s Best of San Francisco. Family photographs, elevated to the level of fine art. Create contemporary, black and white, museum quality photographs for your family and record this moment in time with your children.


– Creative Consultation to get to know one another and tailor an inspiring session that is personal to your family.

– Weekday Photography Session at your home or meaningful location

– A Personalized Presentation to review your images and curate the perfect photographic collection for your home.

– A Museum Quality, Black & White Photograph matted to 16×20 inches or a $500 print credit to be used towards a larger photograph.

See more of Eric’s distinctive family portraits:


Principal For a Day!

Who’s the Boss?

Join a time-honored tradition: your child will have the opportunity to be the principal of Kittredge School for a day. From opening car doors and greeting students first thing in the morning, to updating our school voicemail with important information, a principal’s job is never done. Classroom observations and teacher meetings are almost as important as the full business lunch that is included. Your child could be the next Kittredge Principal! This is a much-loved event here that we can guarantee you your child will delight in winning.

More fun prizes to win:

– $100 Wine Package

– $100 gift certificate to Greens Restaurant

– $75 Sake/Food Package

– $75 gift certificate to Burma Cafe

– $75 gift certificate to Joe’s Ice-Cream

It’s also not too late to sign-up to host a Count-Me-In!

Count-Me-Ins Sign-up Form:

What is a Count-Me-In?

Count Me Ins are a great way to foster community, build connections, have fun together, and help support Kittredge! Hosts offer up events, and participants sign up for them. Each event raises money for the KPA by having a fixed, modest donation attached.

Do you love building cool structures on the beach out of driftwood and would be willing to invite friends to join? Do you have a favorite hobby, like painting, and could teach a small group of people? Do you love bakeries, and want to give a tour of your favorite ones? It can be just about anything! Parents, kids, and teachers are all welcome to host one and it can be as small or as big as you would like.

Thank you!

Jessica May-Shah (Social Chair, parent of Momo-Kinder and Lila-4th)

Email/text/chat with any questions:

See you @ the Social!

Jessica May-Shah

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