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Kittredge Konnection — March 15, 2016

Tdap Vaccine Reminder

The state of California requires a Tdap vaccine for all students to be able to enter 7th grade in September. All students entering 7th grade at Kittredge must turn in proof of this immunization by April 15th. If your child still needs the vaccine, please schedule it during Spring Break. If he or she already has it, please have your doctor send us the immunization record. Thank you.

Noon Dismissal Thursday and Friday for Parent Teacher Conferences

Extended Day is available by Registration

Pleases respond to the dismissal survey monkey link so we know where your child should go at noon on Thursday and Friday.

Please remember that eighth grade students are asked to attend their conference with Mr. Young and all other students can be signed-in to Extendo during your meeting at no charge.

Student Council Bake Sale is Thursday

Our 4th and 5th grade class will host a Bake Sale for Breast Cancer Education on Thursday at snack/recess time. A donation will be accepted as students enter for their treats.

If you would like to help, please send your child to school with a dollar or two or more on Thursday. There will be treats available for parents when they attend their conference.

Project Cicero Bay Area is At Kittredge!

The book drive is in progress and boxes are filling. Thank you so much! We will continue the book drive through Thursday.

This is a great opportunity to clear out your bookshelves and pass on the books that your children have outgrown and no longer read. Project Cicero will distribute those books to under resourced schools.

Books in need are: Beginning Readers, Picture Books, Board Books, Early and Middle Grade Chapter Books, Young Adult Fiction, Graphic Novels, Classic Literature, Geography/History, Multicultural Literature, Biographies, Poetry, Plays/Drama, Up-to-date Reference. Please no Adult Books or textbooks.

2nd and 3rd Grade Field Trip To Chris Babcock – Tomorrow, March 16

Tomorrow the 2nd/3rd grade will spend most of the day painting at Chris Babcock’s Art Studio. They are working on classroom art to be auctioned at the KPA Spring Dinner.

BADA “Silent Week” Begins

This will be the last Konnection that we send out to our prospective families. The Bay Area Directors of Admission (BADA) have all agreed that schools will not communicate with applicant families once decision letters have been mailed. Please know that applicant families are free to contact us with any questions and we are available and happy to answer them.

The Kittredge School Talent Show is March 30 at 6:30

***Important: No Study Hall; Extendo will close at 5:00***

Please join us at Kanbar Hall in the JCCSF for a great time! The doors to Kanbar Hall will be open at 6:00, but no food or drink can be brought inside. Please make sure that you are there by 6:15 so you don’t miss a minute of this wonderful evening.

The atrium is reserved for us from 5:30 to 6:15 and there will be some coffee, light snacks and waters available at that time, thank you KPA!

By now, all parents should know what their child is being asked to wear for their class production. Please check with your child or with us if you need information.

Habit of Mind for March – Thinking Interdependently

Listening to each other and collaborating are two important ways to think interpedently. Our Talent Show is the culmination of every student using these skills to help develop and perform their classroom act. We hope you will all come and watch the results of thinking interdependently.

This Week at Kittredge

Tuesday, March 15

  1. Science Club

Wednesday, March 16

  1. 2nd/3rd grade to Chris Babcock

  2. Science Club

Thursday, March 17

  1. 4th/5th graders hosting bake sale

  2. Noon Dismissal; Parent Conferences

Friday, March 18

  1. Noon Dismissal

  2. Parent Conferences


An “important conversation” with Kristen

Wine Donation Drive April 2nd, Mandatory All-Hands House Party at the Kadner’s

(It’s not mandatory.  Yes it is :-))

Hi again Beloved Teachers, Staff and Families!

Whaddya say you and us hang out Saturday April 2nd at about 6pm? It’s in 3 Saturdays. Here’s what I will provide and what you will provide, all hope willing:

Me: food catered by our own Remi Hayashi, you know her. Hot stuff and the food is too.

Me: an unprofessional bartender already half in the bag

Me: note cards and pens for our homework (writing your name at the top right and a short or long story about why the wine matters to you [see below, item YOU, #3])

Me: lots of hugz for u

You: You

You: No kids. This party is for the kids but not for the kids

You: a bottle or two of your favorite wine or alcoholic something for us to auction off on auction night May 7th

You: lots of hugz for me

See you all soon.

Much love and xxxxxx, K

225 San Anselmo Ave; 94127; tons of parking

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