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Kittredge Konnection – May 11, 2021


Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and as noted before, we had mountains of food, flowers and lots of love sent our way. We ended the week feeling very thankful to the Kittredge community and each and every one of you. Mr. Young took this picture at our staff meeting to share. Thank you all!!



Fancy Day Assembly and May’s Habit of Mind!

Once again school spirit was high as we all got together to celebrate Fancy Day and our new Habit of Mind, Continuous Learning.

Thanks to the Student Council for sharing their personal examples of skills they started as beginners, have continued to learn and practice to get better, and where they eventually want want to take their skills.

And thanks to parents, teachers and students who enjoyed our Fancy Day, and made our day…well…Fancy!


In-Person Wednesdays Have Been Added to Seventh and Eighth Grades

Beginning tomorrow, our 7th and 8th graders will come for in-person classes from Wednesday to Friday. We were able to add this extra day, thanks to some of the changes made in the Orange and Yellow Tiers.

San Francisco is doing great and we are being rewarded with the chance to relax some restrictions. However, we are still in a pandemic and many restrictions remain in place. Thank you all for your help in keeping us all safe and healthy.



May 27 is our Online Talent Show

We are planning a “watch party” for our Talent Show this year. Our hope is that lots of students, parents and teachers will be available as a community to be entertained together online rather than in person this year.

We will be updating you with the link and time as we get closer.


Staff Development Day is May 28; No School

Please note that we have a teacher development day scheduled at the end of this month. This will be a workday for teachers but there will be no classes. 


Memorial Day, May 31 – No School 

There will be no classes on Monday, May 31 as we celebrate the Memorial Day holiday.



Travel Reminder – Please Stay in California

Please remember that there are still travel restrictions when returning to California from another state. At this time, a 7 day quarantine with a Covid Test, or a 10 day quarantine without one is still in place. Your morning Visitu survey will continue to have you confirm that your child has stayed in California in order to be admitted to class.



Our First Day of School will be Monday, August 30

Attached is the school calendar for next year. As things in San Francisco continue to open up we hope to be able to offer some of our traditional activities. We will keep you updated with any changes or additions that we can schedule.

We’d also like to make sure that everyone knows we will not be offering remote classes next year. We will once again expect that students who miss school due to illness or travel, will be absent that day and that teachers will work with them to catch up with assignments they missed.

However, if guidelines and protocols change and we need to shut down, we will be ready.



A Couple Summer School Programs are Available

Sacred Hearth Cathedral and SF High School of the Arts are offering a variety of summer activities and classes. They are for various ages and grades, so if you are looking for something for your child, you can check these out!


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