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Kittredge Konnection – January 19, 2021


Hybrid Learning has Begun!

This morning most students in Ms. Pon-Barry’s class arrived at Kittredge for in-person learning. Because of social distancing, they are occupying the 2 classrooms on the ground floor. Much of the day they will be together in the regular Primary Classroom.  However, throughout the day, a small group will join Ms. Forrest in the “break out” room (formerly the 2nd/3rd grade room). This is where they are set up to have their zoom math with Ms. Perkins as well as other small group work. They are also spending as much time outside as they can.

During classroom time, our students at home are joining their classmates on a large screen via zoom. In this way they can be seen and be part of the activities from their homes. During snack and recess breaks, our students at home have free time as well as scheduled office hours with Ms. Pon-Barry.

Thank you all for the patience, flexibility and support you have given us during this set up.  We have felt a few bumps and expect a few more, but we know that together we will get through this.

Here’re a couple pictures of some outdoor time!



Other Classes Return on February 2

In two weeks, our 3rd to 6th graders will begin their hybrid schedule, with some students returning in person and others remaining remote.

Our 3rd and 4th graders return 5 days a week on Tuesday, February 2; our 5th graders return for 3 days a week also on February 2; and our 6th graders will return for one day a week beginning on Friday, February 5.

At this time, our 7th and 8th graders are permitted to meet once a week for outdoor classes only. It is likely they return on Thursday, February 4, but the weather will be the determining factor. 


2021-2022 Registration Will be Available Next Month

Registration and reenrollment will be open to current families soon. We have delayed and extended the enrollment period while we set up the school for safe in-person teaching. If you would like us to hold a classroom space for your child(ren) for next year, you will get more information about the process soon. Thanks for your help with this; we are looking forward to working with your family again.


Presidents’ Week Break: February 15 to 19

As written on our calendar, Kittredge will be closed the week of February 15th.  Due to the surge of Covid cases in the Bay Area, at this point we expect to return to remote teaching for the two weeks after the break. This will give everyone the 10 to 14 days of quarantine to observe any symptoms that occur. Testing will also be needed. 


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