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Kittredge Konnection – February 1, 2022



“Never be afraid to sit a while and think.” ~Lorraine Hansberry, American Playwright

Successful people have learned how to manage their impulses. They take time to consider options; they think before speaking or acting; they remain calm when stressed or challenged; they are thoughtful and considerate of others; and they proceed carefully.

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”  ~ Vincent Van Gough


Assembly Tomorrow – Managing Impulsivity

Our new student council will present our new Habit of Mind for February. Pilar, Cerys, Ollie, Michelle, and Mia will present “Managing Impulsivity.” You may want to ask your child what this means after tomorrow’s assembly. If your child ever watched Cookie Monster struggle with managing impulsivity they already have an idea of what a challenge this can be. Together, we will discuss what we can do to practice managing our impulses.



Re-Enrollment for 2022

Re-enrollment for Fall 2022 will open this week. We ask returning families for a $1000.00 deposit to hold a space for their child(ren).

If you would like to re-enroll your child and hold a spot for next year, please make sure to complete the process with TADS by February 20.


Basketball Games Tomorrow

Both our Boys and Girls teams will play at SF Friends tomorrow after school. The girls play at 4 and the boys play at 5. Go Kittredge!


7th and 8th Grades Hike On Thursday

On Thursday our 7th and 8th graders will start breaking in their hiking shoes and getting ready for a week at Yosemite with NatureBridge.

They will leave Kittredge about 9am and walk through the Presidio, past the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point, and walk along the Bay coast to the Marina Green. They will stop there for lunch, to rest, to fool around, and then turn around and take the same route back to Kittredge, arriving before 3:00pm for their regular dismissal.

Please make sure your children have hearty lunches to help them through this busy day. A water bottle or two is a great idea as well. A good pair of hiking boots, weather-appropriate clothing and a good attitude will all be required. Sun screen, sun glasses and a hat are not bad ideas, either.



NatureBridge: February 14 to 18

Our 7th and 8th graders will head over to Yosemite National Park for a very memorable outdoor education and bonding experience. Please make sure to check the supply list for what your child needs to be comfortable and happy while there. We will be sending out our wishes for good weather!


Valentines Day at Kittredge, February 14 

We are looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s day on February 14th. If your child will participate in a valentine exchange at school, please make sure they have enough valentines for everyone in their class. Please remember our school rule of no candy. Any candy treats that accompany valentines will be sent home and not consumed at school. Candy should be used minimally if at all.


Noon Dismissal Friday, February 18 and Presidents Week Break

Kittredge students will be dismissed at noon on Friday, February 18 to begin Presidents’ Week break. Extendo will be open until 6pm.

There will be no school or Extended Day on Monday, February 21 and Extendo will be available February 22 to 24 by registration. A minimum enrollment of 5 is needed for Extended Day to be open.

We are asking every parent to complete this google dismissal form to let us know which days, if any, your child will be in Extendo.

Thank you for your help.



Returning From Presidents’ Week Break

Please know that as Covid changes, so do our protocols. Our current guidelines for a week-long school break is as follows:

  1. Kittredge will provide at-home tests for use after breaks of a week or more. Every student and staff member, regardless of vaccination status, will receive one COVID-19 test kit before Presidents’ Week break. These results must be uploaded to: on Sunday, Feb. 27, before returning to school and the second test must be uploaded on Wednesday, March 2.

Keeping up on our Covid protocols? This information is consistently being updated. You can find the most recent information on our website under the Covid Information tab. If you are ever in doubt about what to do, please call or email us.


Summer At Kittredge

Want to avoid the summer slip? Summer is a great opportunity to engage children in activities that enrich their academic foundation and keep them involved and interested in learning. 

Your child is invited to join our 5-week summer program which is open to all students entering first through eighth grades. Mornings are designed to keep students active and their grade level skills strong. The afternoons offer a variety of free play and structured activities. This program begins June 20 and runs through July 22. The academic day runs 9am-noon. Before and after school care is available. Please check your email for our summer school application and contact the office with any questions.



Next Two Weeks

  1. Tuesday, February 1: Science Club

  2. Wednesday, February 2: Science Club; Habit of Mind Assembly; Girls’ B-Ball vs SFF @ 4pm and Boys’ B-Ball @ 5pm

  3. Thursday, February 3: 7th and 8th grade hike to Marina Green

  4. Tuesday, February 8: Science Club; KPA Meeting 6pm

  5. Wednesday, February 9: Science Club; 2nd/3rd grade writing celebration

  6. Thursday, February 10: 7th and 8th grade hike to Lands End

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