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Kittredge Konnection – April 6, 2021


Today and Tomorrow are Minimum Days for 7th and 8th Graders

Our 7th and 8th grade parent conferences and minimum days are Tuesday (today) and Wednesday (tomorrow). All other grades will remain as scheduled.



K to 6th Grade Parent Conferences are Thursday and Friday

Conferences will once again be virtual and some teachers have been able to extend the days and times that they will be available to meet.

Please also remember that the two scheduled days are noon dismissals for Kindergarten to 6th graders so that teachers will be available earlier on both those days.



Spring Break begins Monday, April 12

Spring Break is scheduled for April 12 to 16. There will be no classes during that week.

We strongly recommend that everyone follow the CDC Travel Guidelines: Californians should remain local (not traveling more than 120 miles from their home or other place of residence) and avoid non-essential travel. Travelers from other states or countries entering into California for tourism and recreation are strongly discouraged.

We are also requiring a week of remote teaching after our week off and will need to receive Covid Test Results in order for your child to return to the classroom on April 26.


Chris Babcock’s Art Workshop April 12 to 16

Chris Babcock is a Kittredge neighbor, the parent of a Kittredge graduate, and a phenomenal artist and art teacher. She offers student art classes often and will be having a workshop next week during our break.

She would like to give Kittredge students 200.00 off using the code: 200ART

Here is the link and a couple of pictures.


Last Chance this Week: Pandemic Pictures for Mr. Young

Kittredge parents! We’re trying to put together a yearbook (no easy feat in these times) and we could use your help. We’d love to get a copy of a photo of your child doing something characteristic of them at home, from some time in the past year, to include in the yearbook. Just one picture would be great, or even two if you can’t choose.

Please send the photo directly to Mr. Young,, and the sooner the better! Thanks for your help with this.



We’re Planning a Video Event!

The lovely and talented Catherine Kelley (Pilar’s mom) has generously volunteered her time to put a video talent show together for us!

We are asking everyone interested in joining the show, to submit a one minute video to our Drop Box by April 30. Using an iPhone video format will be the easiest, but other formats could be used.

We will send out the Drop Box link by email.



Still Clubbing!

Student Council is proud to bring you another month of student clubs! These clubs will be offered on zoom, after school. Please contact your club host asap, sessions begin this week! There will be no clubs the week of spring break, April 12-16.

The details needed are on the email cover letter to this Konnection. All student contacts has been corrected. So please use this week’s information for any clubs you are interested in joining. 


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