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Kittredge Konnection – October 27, 2020


Thank you to Sergey, Benjamin and Shani

Our thanks to Sergey Morozov (parent of Zachy and Alec) and to 8th graders Benjamin Madson and Shani Roitman for volunteering time last Saturday during our Open House. Your insight and information to parents of prospective students was a valuable part of the event and made us look good! Thanks again!



Halloween at Kittredge

Please help your child to have a school-appropriate costume ready to share at an all-school assembly this Friday, October 30. We will meet at 2pm for our festivities.

Parents are all invited, and even encouraged, to join us on their child’s screen so that zoom can accommodate us all.  Your children will have the link… we hope to see you with them!



Noon Dismissal on November 3… Please Make a Plan to Vote

Please note that November 3rd will be a minimum day dismissal for all classes. We hope that this extra time on election day will make it possible for anyone who plans to vote in person to go and do that early.

If you have already voted please use this extra time to check, and encourage, that other people you know have a plan and go out to vote.

Whether you’ve ever voted before, and no matter who you vote for, please make sure your voice is heard. Your children are counting on you!



2021-22 Applications are Now Available online – Sibling Apps are due November 22

If you would like to have a sibling be considered for our 2021 early decision, please complete our TADS on-line application and return the parent and teacher forms by November 22. Early decisions will be sent December 18.



Update on the Opening of our School Building

A message from Pete Lavaroni, Terry Young and Trudy Young

How are you? Just as Kittredge is doing, we’re sure that you and your family are finding ways to adjust to our new restricted society, since it seems that Covid-19 is going to be with us for a while. One thing we know is that many of you are looking forward to the reopening of in-person instruction at Kittredge School so we wanted to give you the latest information on our progress. Please remember that we are making all of our decisions considering safety first.

IMPORTANT: Due to family travel during Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks we are pushing back the start of in-person instruction to Tuesday, January 19, 2021, the day after our Martin Luther King Jr. observance.

Though our plan is not yet formalized we have included many of our most pertinent requirements so that you can make better informed decisions about your child’s participation. A complete plan will be posted on our website once we finish some renovations to the building.

Our in-person procedures will include the following:

  1. students and teachers will be required to wear masks in school at all times.

  2. the one exception to the above rule is at lunchtime. Masks will be removed to eat, but students will not be permitted to talk if unmasked and eating inside.

  3. student desks will be separated by a minimum of 4 feet from each other and at least 6 feet from a teacher.

  4. each student desk will have a shield on three sides if closer than 6 feet.

  5. students must face front at all times so group and collaborative work will be modified.

  6. hand washing and/or hand sanitizing will be required several times each day.

  7. classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized every night.

  8. classroom materials and PE equipment will not be shared among students.

  9. the school day hours will be similar to our current online schedule.

  10. we will have staggered drop off and pick up schedules

  11. a student health questionnaire including temperature taking, must be completed by the family, and returned to the school before a student can be admitted.

  12. only one student at restrooms — no lines.

  13. restrooms will be sanitized several times a day.

  14. students will need individual water bottles.

  15. windows will be kept open throughout the day, when possible.

  16. air purifiers will run in each classroom.

  17. when lines are necessary, students will remain 6 feet apart

  18. remote learning will be made available upon request.

Our application to re-open includes receiving feedback from our school community.

Please complete this questionnaire and let us know your thoughts as well as any other issues that occur to you. We look forward to hearing about your comfort level on returning to in-person instruction.



Name That Teacher!

This Week – The Kittredge Teacher is: Ms. Pon-Barry; Ms. Trudy; Mrs. Horrocks; or Ms. Raichura

Last Week – The Kittredge Teacher was: Ms. Gules; Maestra Lourdes; Ms. Perkins; or Ms. Mara… Answer: Ms. Perkins

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