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Kittredge Konnection – October 13


Thank You Charlotte, Jacob and Ben!

A huge thanks to Benjamin Biroschak, parent of Benny, and to 8th graders Jacob Bushler and Charlotte Wentworth for making us look good at our Open House last week. Our prospective families appreciated the insights and experiences you shared.



Tomorrow is 8th Grade High School Day

Please remember there will be no Kittredge classes for 8th graders tomorrow. This is the first of two High School Days scheduled to support our 8th graders and their families while they are visiting high schools and working on their applications.



2021-22 Applications are Now Available online – Sibling Apps are due November 22

If you would like to have a sibling be considered for our 2021 early decision, please complete our TADS on-line application and return the parent and teacher forms by November 22. Early decisions will be sent December 18.


Habit of Mind – Striving for Accuracy

“Measure twice, cut once” ~anonymous

In every endeavor from athletics, art, science, medicine, music, engineering, etc. striving for accuracy is valued and admired.

People who value accuracy, precision, and craftsmanship take time to check their products. They continue to perfect their craft by working to attain the highest possible standards.

Helping students strive for accuracy at home, in extra-curricular activities and at school can help increase their chances for excellence in learning and in their own life successes.

“A man who has committed a mistake and doesn’t correct it is committing another mistake.” ~Confucius



Name That Teacher!

Last Week – The Kittredge Teacher on the left is: Kevin Smith, Mr. Young, Ms. Gules, or Ms. Pon-Barry?? Answer: Kevin Smith

This Week – The Kittredge Teacher is: Ms. Rose; Sian; Ms. Perkins, or Ms. Gules??

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