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Lourdes Unana, Spanish

Lourdes is the co-founder of Globalanguages.Inc. Her experience in learning languages and training students spans over 30 years. She is fluent in Basque, Spanish, French and English. She has taught and directed language programs in the Basque Country, France and in the Bay Area. This is her 11th year teaching Spanish at Kittredge.


Lourdes completed her Bachelor degree in Education in Paris. After finishing her undergraduate studies, Lourdes came to America touring with the Ballet Company, Etorky, and decided to stay in San Francisco. This city is her third home. She spent the next years studying and practicing ballet with Mr. Alonzo King. Meanwhile, she obtained her Master’s degree in Comparative Literature with concentration in Spanish from the San Francisco State University.


Lourdes continues learning about American Multiculturalism and teaching the languages and cultures of Spanish and French speaking countries.

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