Kittredge School is a small, fully accredited, independent private school for boys and girls in kindergarten through eighth grade.


A Sense of Family

There is a real sense of family at Kittredge School. You see it as classes high five each other as they pass on the street. You see it as the 8th graders read to their Kindergarten buddies. You see it on the playground every day.

Individualized & Supportive

Small classes allow us to accommodate our students’ needs in numerous ways. We nurture the academic skills necessary to succeed in school as well as the habits necessary to make good decisions. Our dedicated faculty and small class size provide the support necessary to ensure success in the classroom and in life outside of school.

Fully Accredited

Kittredge School is fully accredited by the National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA), a member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA).


Daily Covid Screening on TeacherEase

Thank you again for your help each day! Morning drop-off is going much faster with more and more screenings completed early. 

When filling out Teacherease Covid surveys each morning, please make sure to click “Save” and “Done.” If you complete the survey and see a green check, but don’t click “Done” the survey won’t make its way to us.  Thank you for your persistence in completing the survey daily.