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Kittredge Konnection – January 26, 2021


Hybrid Learning, Covid Testing, Social Contracts, Oh My!

Every teacher has been busy reviewing their curriculum and schedules in order to transition smoothly (as smoothly as possible, anyway) into a hybrid learning environment. By next week all families who chose to send their children, will have that opportunity. We have watched Ms. Pon-Barry and Ms. Forrest with the returning K to 2nd graders and we see how class is getting better every day and we know this will continue as more students and families return. 

Our administrators have been busy keeping up with changes in protocols and procedures in order to keep everyone safe at school. As we learn more about this virus, its transmission and its mitigation, we will do our best to keep everyone informed.

We can’t thank you enough for your patience, flexibility and support!


Visitu App

We are using Visitu for daily health screening for families returning to Kittredge. One parent for each family has been set up with an account using their email. Later this week I will send you a “test” survey and ask you to let me know if everything works. It’s possible the “wrong” parent has been connected, but I can change that when you let me know.

Once you are set up, there is also a Visitu App that can be downloaded onto your phone. It is a very easy way to complete the screening each morning. If you use the app, you get an orange badge when a survey is due, a green badge if it’s been completed with no warnings, or a red badge if you have indicated that there is a health warning.

Parents will have a survey to complete for themselves as well as for their returning student(s) every morning. If you complete the survey after 8:30, your response may not show up on our screening list in time for drop off. If you use the app, a green badge will be an easy way to show Mr. L your surveys are completed.

Thanks in advance for your help with this as we set it up.


Travel Quarantine Still in Place—Please Stay Local

The good news is that San Francisco is no longer under Stay At Home orders! However, this does not mean that we should be less careful and diligent in our mitigation practices and procedures.

Please remember that we are counting on everyone to continue to stay safe even while enjoying some of the extra activities that have opened up. It is your diligence that has lowered the cases and we don’t want to stop now.

Thank you all.


A Couple Cute Pictures 🙂

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