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Kittredge Konnection – April 20, 2021


Welcome Back Everyone

We hope you had a nice week and were able enjoy some beautiful weather and a break from the usual routine. We are happy everyone is back and ready to end the year strong.

A quick reminder that in order to return in person next week, we need to receive Covid test results from all adults in your household and from students in 3rd to 8th grade. Scheduling the test about a week before your child’s return is a good idea.

We do hope that next year, having a vaccination card will take the place of testing, but for now we are still asking for test results.

Please email the results to: when you get them. Thank you for your help with this.



School Assembly Tomorrow!

At 1:30pm tomorrow afternoon we will all get together on zoom for a school-wide assembly. We’re looking forward to seeing what our student council, with help from Ms. Gules and Ms. Pon-Barry, has in store for us this month!



Earth Day Hike for 8th Graders Next Thursday, April 29 – Let the Sun Shine In

Next Thursday, April 29, our 8th graders will hike through the Presidio to the Golden Gate Bridge and walk across the bridge for a lunch stop. Proper preparation is important, so please be aware of the following: Good walking shoes, a jacket, a water bottle and mask are required. A hearty lunch and sunscreen are good ideas.



High School Information Night for 7th Grade Parents is May 4 at 7pm

All 7th grade parents are invited and strongly encouraged to attend this informational meeting about the high school application process. Now is a great time to begin talking as a family about goals and plans for high school. Don’t let the admissions process become overwhelming. Join the meeting and get some basic information to help you start planning for this next step in your child’s education. A zoom link has been emailed to parents.

Students will get a lot of support for this process next year, so this meeting is for parents only.


Staff Development Day is May 28; No School

Please note that we have a teacher development day scheduled next month. This will be a workday for teachers but there will be no classes.



April’s Habit of Mind is Persisting

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Dale Carnegie

Persisting means sticking to the task at hand and following a task through to completion. Students are often successful by being persistent.

“Be like a postage stamp—stick to one thing until you get there.” Margaret Carty, Author



Our First Day of School will be Monday, August 30, 2021

We’re looking forward to a great year ahead!


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