Excerpts from recent graduating students’

thoughts about their time at Kittredge.

I feel so privileged to have had some of the most thoughtful, supportive, challenging, and inspiring teachers throughout my years at Kittredge. While at times I might have complained a little about the work-load or difficult assignments, I now have so much appreciation for it, knowing that I will be able survive whatever is thrown at me during high school. I really cannot thank the teachers at Kittredge enough for all that I have learned and experienced, and for always pushing me to be the best student and the best person that I can be. One of the amazing ways they did that for us was by leading by example, something that will always stay with me.     –Austen, Class of 2020

Though I was only here for 3 years, I feel that this school has a special place in my heart. The amazing teachers here combined with my classmates made for a very welcoming environment that I am glad to be part of. This school really helped me prepare for high school and the rest of my life.                       –Carson, Class of 2020

When asked to sum up my experience at Kittredge school, I wouldn’t be sure what to say. I could talk about the amazing classes I’ve taken or the amazing trips and places I went, and that would all be true. But the key to my love of this school are the people here and the connections I’ve made. I have a special love for each of my classmates that cannot be described in words, but only in the moments we’ve had together. Each member of my class has taught me a lesson. Some of them inspire me to gain more ambition and strive for perfect focus, while others have taught me how to let go and laugh. A LOT. 

Thank you Kittredge, for all that you’ve done for me. I will never forget about my time here. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for you. I belonged here, and I believe that I will always belong here.          –Daisy, Class of 2020

Where to begin? My three minute time limit is not enough for everything I have to say about the wonderful school that is Kittredge. But I will do my best. Beginning with the teachers. Kittredge teachers are caring, dedicated, and fun.

…I will be taking these friendships with me as I graduate. Not only have I learned how to conjugate verbs in Spanish, how to write a great thesis, and how to balance a chemical equation, but Kittredge has taught me the power of community. I’ve learned that when caring, dedicated, and fun teachers, staff, and students gather in a house and form a tiny school with an odd-sounding name, great things can happen.          –Eva, Class of 2020

I am excited to join my new school, but also extremely sad to leave Kittredge. This school has been like a second family to me. I love walking in to school and being greeted by Mr. L every morning. I will miss walking into class and seeing all my classmates laughing and chatting with everyone as we wait for the class to start.          –Sasha, Class of 2020

The community at Kittredge has been so important to me because it’s a place where  I feel safe and the teachers and staff genuinely care. Even though I feel sad that I am moving on, I feel very lucky that I got to have you all in my life.          –Tara, Class of 2020

Kittredge has been the source of many memories for me over the course of three years. I entered in sixth grade, understandably a little nervous, and was delighted to find an open, inclusive community, where I felt that I was able to be myself, and had room to grow and change. In addition, as someone who has always enjoyed learning new things, I loved the amount of depth we were able to go into with what we learnt in school, as well as the structured environment that allowed us to go far in our studies. I feel that the phrase “challenging academics in a warm nurturing environment” truly does apply to Kittredge. A school where both learning and fostering a strong community are important goals.          –Asher, Class of 2021

When I first came to Kittredge I was a shy student who was very intimidated by the difficulty of the material. I always felt this need to impress my teachers and classmates, to appear like I knew what I was doing. However, overtime I learned about the value of asking questions and seeking the support of my many wonderful teachers

… Using your guidance, I was able to develop strategies and the confidence to be the best student I could possibly be.          –Catherine, Class of 2021

When I first arrived at Kittredge, I was actually in shock. I didn’t believe that there were kids this nice. I was confused. Why are the kids this nice? It wasn’t something that I was used to.  … Choosing to go to Kittredge was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. The second best was deciding to be born. The people around me are some of the kindest, funniest, most compassionate peers I’ve ever met and gotten the pleasure to know.           –Lila, Class of 2021

 Even though I’ve only been at Kittredge for 3 years, I’ve always seen this place as a ‘second home’ where I feel safe and welcomed. I’ve had a great time throughout these years. I’ve met so many new people and made so many friendships that I hope to keep.          –Marta, Class of 2021