Welcome to Kittredge School!

For more than 75 years, Kittredge School has provided challenging academics in a warm and nurturing environment. Students tell us that as they enter the school, they have the feeling that they are coming home.  We believe that a safe environment allows students to feel uniquely supported by their Kittredge family, as they reach for the stars. We encourage our students to take responsible risks and to see just how far they can soar.  

Kittredge kids are learning not just what is found in books, they are creating habits that are consistent with intelligent thinking. This year, our students will be applying past knowledge to new situations, persisting throughout their academic pursuits, and thinking flexibly as we see what challenges lay ahead.

Kittredge kids are intelligent thinkers with big hearts.  They are respectful, trustworthy, and caring. They are the ones who will do an extra lap to run alongside and encourage the last runner in the race.  We are a small school, with a mighty heart.  

Welcome to Kittredge.


Louise Pon-Barry,